Functional Medicine

Your good health is dependent on how well your body functions as a whole. This requires careful maintenance of all the systems in your body. At Functional Medicine Center of Montana, we recognize the importance of identifying the things your body needs to work smoothly so that you can live a long and healthy life. 

Functional Medicine seeks to identify and address the root cause of disease. Unlike conventional medicine that looks at each organ as a separate entity, functional medicine views all of the organs in the body as an integrated system. This specialized type of medicine acknowledges that chronic inflammatory conditions can be caused by many different things such as a patient’s environment, genetics, and lifestyle. Functional Medicine does not simply address symptoms, it seeks to treat the issues that collectively affect all the systems in your body.

The principles of Functional Medicine care are as follows:

  • It takes an integrative approach to health care; utilizing the best practices of western medicine and blending it with pertinent alternative therapies.
  • Practitioners spend quality time with their patients. They listen carefully to a patient’s history and take into account their lifestyle, environment and genetics and how it impacts their long term health.
  • It addresses the whole person NOT the symptoms they are experiencing. 
  • Utilizes the latest science based functional lab testing available that allows an understanding of how well your body is functioning as a whole. 
  • Allows patients to form a therapeutic partnership with their doctor. YOU will weigh in on how aggressive you want your treatment to be. YOU will be given the information and than encouraged to take an active role in improving how you feel. 

The team at Functional Medicine Center of Montana works closely with patients who have been searching for solutions to their complex medical problems for months to years. The clinic was founded to help patients heal from life-altering conditions such as fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, migraines and much more.

The team at Functional Medicine Center of Montana seeks to help patients reach their optimal health naturally. The goal is to provide a framework for continued health so patients do not need to be seen in the clinic.

Are You Ready to Find Your Optimal Health?!

I look forward to helping you be the change you want to see in your health! If you have any questions you’d like to ask before you are ready to take the first step in your journey to health, I am happy to answer them.